Great Harvest Bread

Bread. The Way It Ought To Be.
Great Harvest has been baking bread the way it ought to be for over 30 years, and we still believe in our phenomenal bread-making process.  We learned from bakers in Montana and proudly continue the tradition of pure, simple ingredients.  We still bake everything from scratch.  And we still fresh mill our 100% whole grain flour every day.  Baking from scratch was the norm for our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. They were concerned about food tasting great and nourishing their families.  So is Great Harvest. As generations have passed, our world has turned to cheaper, easier, less time-consuming methods of preparing food and has removed the handmade, healthy element of baking and cooking.  Not Great Harvest.  We don’t rush it.  We still believe in our elaborately long, traditional methods of bread making because it naturally develops an exquisite flavor and texture with time, instead of relying on the use of additives.  Over the years, we have been able to adapt to the wants and needs of our customers and can offer great-tasting products fit for many diets, but since the inception of our bread-making business, one thing is still certain – Great Harvest bread is truly one-of-a-kind.  It’s simple.  Handmade.  Wholesome.  Tasty.  Bread. The way it ought to be.

The Great Harvest Whole Grain Bread Difference!
At Great Harvest, every  morning we fresh mill premium whole wheat in the bakery and blend it with simple wholesome ingredients, like yeast, salt, and honey. The result is incredibly fresh bread that tastes simply amazing!

You'll Love How It Makes You Feel
Milling our flour daily keeps it whole and maintains all the protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals the wheat kernel naturally provides. It is recommended that most healthy adults consume 6-8 one ounce equivalents of grains every day. When you make at least half of them whole grains, you start seeing benefits including a decreased risk of some of the biggest killers in America including heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and colorectal cancer. Eating whole grains is linked to slim waistlines, better long term weight management, and keeping you feeling fuller longer! Keep it skinny by keeping it whole and reap the health benefits and delicious flavors of Great Harvest's whole grains.

We support Family Owned Farms
For more than three decades Great Harvest has been a friend to family farms located in Montana. Our home office knows our wheat farmers on a first-name basis and closely monitors every aspect of their process. They understand and produce our proprietary whole grains that have the baking qualities and hearty taste that are uniquely Great Harvest.

Great Harvest Bread of Cedar Rapids
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